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Signs-of-Life      Signs of Life (1989)
Audience: 33%
Rated: PG-13   95 min
Every day is full of magic.
Director(s): John David Coles  
Stars: Beau Bridges  Vincent D'Onofrio  Arthur Kennedy  

Dream-a-Little-Dream      Dream a Little Dream (1989)
Audience: 64%
Rated: PG-13   114 min
Bobby Kellar has a crush on Lainie Diamond, girlfriend of school jerk Joel. Coleman is working on an experiment which will help him move into a place where Dreams are reality...
Director(s): Marc Rocco  
Stars: Corey Feldman  Corey Haim  Jason Robards  

Parents      Parents (1989)
Critics: 45%   Audience: 49%
Rated: R   81 min
A young boy living in 1950s suburbia begins to wonder where his parents get their meat from...
Director(s): Bob Balaban  
Stars: Randy Quaid  Mary Beth Hurt  Sandy Dennis  

Salome's-Last-Dance      Salome's Last Dance (1988)
Critics: 50%   Audience: 76%
Rated: R   113 min
Late on Guy Fawkes Day, 1892, Oscar Wilde arrives at a high-class brothel where a surprise awaits: a staging of his play "Salome," with parts played by prostitutes...
Director(s): Ken Russell  
Stars: Glenda Jackson  Stratford Johns  Nickolas Grace  

Spellbinder      Spellbinder (1988)
Audience: 41%
Rated: R   96 min
A young lawyer, after falling in love with a beautiful woman, finds that she has an extremely mysterious past.
Director(s): Janet Greek  
Stars: Tim Daly  Kelly Preston  Rick Rossovich  

Split-Decisions      Split Decisions (1988)
Audience: 25%
Rated: R   95 min
When a boxer is killed because he wouldn't take a dive, his brother tries to find a way to avenge him even if only symbolically.
Director(s): David Drury  
Stars: Craig Sheffer  Jeff Fahey  Gene Hackman  

Russkies      Russkies (1987)
Critics: 14%   Audience: 42%
Rated: PG   98 min
It is during the Cold War and all Americans have a view of Russians as one thing: bad people. A group...
Director(s): Rick Rosenthal  
Stars: Whip Hubley  Joaquin Phoenix  Peter Billingsley  

Opposing-Force      Opposing Force (1986)
Audience: 35%
Rated: R   97 min
The commander of an Air Force camp simulates prisoner-of-war conditions for realistic training goes too far, creating all too real torture situations. He prays on the only woman in the experiment.
Director(s): Eric Karson  
Stars: Tom Skerritt  Lisa Eichhorn  Anthony Zerbe  

Solarbabies      Solarbabies (1986)
Audience: 43%
Rated: PG-13   95 min
In a future in which most water has disappeared from the Earth, we find a group of children, mostly teenagers...
Director(s): Alan Johnson  
Stars: Richard Jordan  Jami Gertz  Jason Patric  

Gregory's-Girl      Gregory's Girl (1981)
Critics: 93%   Audience: 78%
Rated: PG   91 min
Gregory is a normal teen who is infatuated with a classmate. He must work to win her affection.
Director(s): Bill Forsyth  
Stars: John Gordon Sinclair  Dee Hepburn  Jake D'Arcy  

15 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)        next »