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Hit-List      Hit List (1989)
Gangster boss Vincent Luca shall appear in court to account for his crimes - but he has a man at the police who tells him names and locations of the witnesses...
Director(s): William Lustig  
Stars: Jan-Michael Vincent  Leo Rossi  Lance Henriksen  

Maniac-Cop      Maniac Cop (1988)
Critics: 50%   Audience: 38%
Rated: R   92 min
In New York, a man in a cop's uniform starts killing people for no apparent reason.
Director(s): William Lustig  
Stars: Tom Atkins  Bruce Campbell  Laurene Landon  

Surf-Nazis-Must-Die      Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)
Critics: 20%   Audience: 31%
Rated: R   83 min
When the grandson of a gun wielding woman is murdered by neo-nazi surf punks in the post-apocalyptic future, this grandma hunts them down for some bloodthirsty revenge.
Director(s): Peter George  
Stars: Gail Neely  Robert Harden  Barry Brenner  

3 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)