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6 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)   

The-Lost-Medallion:-The-Adventures-of-Billy-Stone      The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone (2013)
Audience: 64%
Rated: PG   97 min
Archaeologist Dr. Michael Stone looked for the lost medallion his entire life, and now his son Billy has taken up the search...
Director(s): Bill Muir  
Stars: Alex Kendrick  James Hong  Mark Dacascos  

Monster-Mutt      Monster Mutt (2011)
Rated: PG   
It's gone to the dogs... in a BIG way!
Director(s): Todd Tucker  
Stars: Rhiannon Leigh Wryn  Bart Johnson  Billy Unger  

You-Again      You Again (2010)
Critics: 17%   Audience: 45%
Rated: PG   105 min
When a young woman realizes her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, she sets out to expose the fiancée's true colors.
Director(s): Andy Fickman  
Stars: Kristen Bell  Jamie Lee Curtis  Sigourney Weaver  

Jack-and-the-Beanstalk      Jack and the Beanstalk (2010)
Rated: G   
This live-action take on the legendary fairytale finds Jack going up the beanstalk to outwit the giant and rescue a little girl that has been transformed into a harp.
Director(s): Gary J. Tunnicliffe  
Stars: Colin Ford  Chloë Grace Moretz  Christopher Lloyd  

Opposite-Day      Opposite Day (2009)
Audience: 39%
Rated: G   81 min
The world goes backwards on Opposite Day. The kids become adults, and the adults become kids.
Director(s): R. Michael Givens  
Stars: Billy Unger  Ariel Winter  Pauly Shore  

Marlowe      Marlowe (2008)
Audience: 33%
Rated: PG   90 min
A heart felt tale about a boy and his dog who set out to solve the death of the young boy's father.
Director(s): John Murlowski  
Stars: Billy Unger  Stephanie Michels  Cassi Thomson  

6 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)