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6 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)   

My-Life-as-a-Troll      My Life as a Troll (2001)

Director(s): Dominick Brascia  
Stars: Dominick Brascia  David Chisum  Tava Smiley  

Rush-Week      Rush Week (1991)
Audience: 38%
Rated: R   93 min
When Toni Daniels, an ambitious student reporter, goes in search of an exciting story, she discovers the dark secrets of Tambers College...
Director(s): Bob Bralver  
Stars: Pamela Ludwig  Dean Hamilton  Roy Thinnes  

Doin'-Time-on-Planet-Earth      Doin' Time on Planet Earth (1988)
Through a series of extraordinary circumstances, an eccentric teenager believes he may be the alien prince of a distant planet, ready to lead his brethren home.
Director(s): Charles Matthau  
Stars: Nicholas Strouse  Andrea Thompson  Martha Scott  

Evil-Laugh      Evil Laugh (1986)
Audience: 18%
Rated: Unrated   
A group of Med students fix up an old house over a weekend. Where a mass murder occurred 10 years earlier. Mayhem ensues.
Director(s): Dominick Brascia  
Stars: Ashlyn Gere  Steven Baio  Tony Griffin  

Friday-the-13th:-A-New-Beginning      Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Critics: 17%   Audience: 44%
Rated: R   92 min
Still haunted by his gruesome past, Tommy Jarvis - the boy who killed Jason Voorhees - wonders if somehow he is connected to brutal slayings occurring in and around the secluded halfway house where he now lives.
Director(s): Danny Steinmann  
Stars: Melanie Kinnaman  John Shepherd  Shavar Ross  

They're-Playing-with-Fire      They're Playing with Fire (1984)
Audience: 31%
Rated: R   96 min
A married college professor decides to seduce her student, whom she hired as a handyman for her yacht. The hesitant student succumbs to his buxom professor, but their romance is interrupted by her corrupt husband and a masked murderer.
Director(s): Howard Avedis  
Stars: Sybil Danning  Eric Brown  Andrew Prine  

6 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)