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4 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)   

Orchestra-Of-Exiles      Orchestra Of Exiles (2012)
Critics: 80%   Audience: 63%
Rated: Unrated   85 min
From Academy Award (R) nominated director Josh Aronson, Orchestra of Exiles reveals the dramatic story of Bronislaw Huberman, the celebrated Polish violinist who rescued some of the world's greatest musicians from Nazi Germany and then created one of the world's greatest orchestras, the Palestine Philharmonic (which would become the Israeli Philharmonic). (c) First Run
Director(s): Josh Aronson  
Stars: Thomas Kornmann  Elin Kolev  Heck Reinicke  

Love      Love (2005)
Critics: 100%   Audience: 58%
Rated: Unrated   93 min
Told through a looping, non-linear narrative from each of the characters' points of view, the film reconstructs the stories of a Yugoslav hit man, his former lover and her police officer boyfriend, as their paths cross in New York.
Director(s): Vladan Nikolic  
Stars: Sergej Trifunovic  Geno Lechner  Peter Gevisser  

Going-Under      Going Under (2004)
Critics: 17%   Audience: 39%
Rated: Unrated   98 min
Peter, a married psychotherapist, and Suzanne, a professional dominatrix, have been engaged in an affair...
Director(s): Eric Werthman  
Stars: Geno Lechner  Roger Rees  Richard Eagan  

Too-Tired-to-Die      Too Tired to Die (1998)
Audience: 53%
Rated: R   97 min
Keith is a Japanese twenty-something who is followed by Death in various disguises. When he finally faces her...
Director(s): Wonsuk Chin  
Stars: Takeshi Kaneshiro  Mira Sorvino  Jeffrey Wright  

4 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)