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7 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)   

Midnight-Witness      Midnight Witness (1993)
Renegade cops are videotaped murdering a motorist and the witnesses are in danger of being their next victims.
Director(s): Peter Foldy  
Stars: Paul Johansson  Maxwell Caulfield  Karen Moncrieff  

Servants-of-Twilight      Servants of Twilight (1991)
Audience: 39%
Rated: R   95 min
Based on the novel by Dean R. Koontz, this action packed thriller features Bruce Greenwood as a private...
Director(s): Jeffrey Obrow  
Stars: Bruce Greenwood  Jarrett Lennon  Belinda Bauer  

Not-of-This-Earth      Not of This Earth (1988)
Critics: 40%   Audience: 31%
Rated: R   92 min
A science fiction vampire movie. The Vampire is an emissary from an embattled world near destruction who teleports to Earth to see if they can live here...
Director(s): Jim Wynorski  
Stars: Traci Lords  Arthur Roberts  Lenny Juliano  

Chopping-Mall      Chopping Mall (1986)
Rated: R   
Eight teenagers are trapped after hours in a high tech shopping mall and pursued by three murderous security robots out of control.
Director(s): Jim Wynorski  
Stars: Kelli Maroney  Tony O'Dell  Russell Todd  

The-Zero-Boys      The Zero Boys (1986)
Audience: 43%
Rated: R   89 min
A group of friends travel to a wilderness area to play a survival game. Soon they unexpectedly find themselves in a real-life survival situation.
Director(s): Nico Mastorakis  
Stars: Daniel Hirsch  Kelli Maroney  Nicole Rio  

Night-of-the-Comet      Night of the Comet (1984)
Critics: 83%   Audience: 57%
Rated: PG-13   95 min
A comet wipes out most of life on Earth, leaving two Valley Girls to fight the evil types who survive.
Director(s): Thom E. Eberhardt  
Stars: Robert Beltran  Catherine Mary Stewart  Kelli Maroney  

Fast-Times-at-Ridgemont-High      Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
Critics: 79%   Audience: 80%
Rated: R   90 min
A story of a group of California teenagers who enjoy malls, sex and rock n' roll.
Director(s): Amy Heckerling  
Stars: Sean Penn  Jennifer Jason Leigh  Judge Reinhold  

7 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)