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3 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)   

Blast      Blast (2000)
Audience: 56%
Rated: R   88 min
Four teenagers pull a prank that goes awry.
Director(s): Martin Schenk  
Stars: Liesel Matthews  Blake Heron  Tony Denman  

Air-Force-One      Air Force One (1997)
Critics: 79%   Audience: 62%
Rated: R   124 min
Hijackers seize the plane carrying the President of the United States and his family, but he (an ex-soldier) works from hiding to defeat them.
Director(s): Wolfgang Petersen  
Stars: Harrison Ford  Gary Oldman  Glenn Close  

A-Little-Princess      A Little Princess (1995)
Rated: G   
A young girl is relegated to servitude at a boarding school when her father goes missing and is presumed dead.
Director(s): Alfonso Cuarón  
Stars: Liesel Matthews  Eleanor Bron  Liam Cunningham  

3 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)