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We-Were-Soldiers      We Were Soldiers (2002)
Critics: 63%   Audience: 81%
Rated: R   139 min
The story of the first major battle of the American phase of the Vietnam War and the soldiers on both sides that fought it.
Director(s): Randall Wallace  
Stars: Mel Gibson  Madeleine Stowe  Greg Kinnear  

Avenging-Angelo      Avenging Angelo (2002)
Critics: 13%   Audience: 36%
Rated: R   98 min
A woman (Madeleine Stowe) who has just discovered she is the daughter of a murdered Mafia chieftain (Anthony Quinn) seeks revenge, with the aide of her Father's faithful bodyguard (Sylvester Stallone).
Director(s): Martyn Burke  
Stars: Sylvester Stallone  Madeleine Stowe  Anthony Quinn  

Impostor      Impostor (2001)
Critics: 22%   Audience: 43%
Rated: PG-13   95 min
Originally a 30 minute portion for an anthology film, Impostor was retooled into a full length feature film...
Director(s): Gary Fleder  
Stars: Gary Sinise  Madeleine Stowe  Vincent D'Onofrio  

The-General's-Daughter      The General's Daughter (1999)
Critics: 22%   Audience: 54%
Rated: R   116 min
When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander is murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at West Point.
Director(s): Simon West  
Stars: John Travolta  Madeleine Stowe  James Cromwell  

Playing-by-Heart      Playing by Heart (1998)
Rated: R   
Eleven articulate people work through affairs of the heart in L.A.
Director(s): Willard Carroll  
Stars: Angelina Jolie  Sean Connery  Gena Rowlands  

The-Proposition      The Proposition (1998)
Critics: 11%   Audience: 49%
Rated: PG-13   115 min
Father Michael McKinnon goes from the UK to Boston circa 1935. For unknown reasons, he avoids at all costs the most prominent parishioners...
Director(s): Lesli Linka Glatter  
Stars: Robert Loggia  Bronia Wheeler  Kenneth Branagh  

Twelve-Monkeys      Twelve Monkeys (1995)
Audience: 100%
Rated: Unrated   
In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet.
Director(s): Terry Gilliam  
Stars: Joseph Melito  Bruce Willis  Jon Seda  

China-Moon      China Moon (1994)
Critics: 40%   Audience: 34%
Rated: R   99 min
Detective Kyle Bodine falls for Rachel Munro who is trapped in a violent marriage. After shooting her husband...
Director(s): John Bailey  
Stars: Ed Harris  Madeleine Stowe  Charles Dance  

Blink      Blink (1994)
Critics: 62%   Audience: 39%
Rated: R   106 min
Emma is an attractive girl in her 20s who has been blind for 20 years. A new type of eye operation partially restores her sight...
Director(s): Michael Apted  
Stars: Madeleine Stowe  Aidan Quinn  James Remar  

Bad-Girls      Bad Girls (1994)
Critics: 9%   Audience: 47%
Rated: R   99 min
Four prostitutes join together to travel the Old West.
Director(s): Jonathan Kaplan  
Stars: Madeleine Stowe  Mary Stuart Masterson  Andie MacDowell  

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