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Ray-of-Sunshine      Ray of Sunshine (2006)

Rachael, an aspiring pianist with a troubled past, disguises herself as a boy and searches for her father, a free-wheeling musician who abandoned her when she was a child.
Director(s): Norbert Meisel  
Stars: Mark Bedell  Victor Campos  Matthew Carroll  

Sideshow      Sideshow (2000)
Audience: 24%
Rated: R   90 min
While visiting a traveling carnival full of human freaks, high school students nearly join as permanent members.
Director(s): Fred Olen Ray  
Stars: Jamie Martz  Michael Amos  Scott Clark  

Jungle-Boy      Jungle Boy (1998)
Audience: 67%
Rated: PG   89 min

Director(s): Allan A. Goldstein  
Stars: David Fox  Asif Mohammed Seth  Lea Moreno  

Illicit-Dreams-2      Illicit Dreams 2 (1998)

Director(s): Fred Olen Ray  
Stars: Tim Abell  Tane McClure  Teresa Politi  

Night-Shade      Night Shade (1996)

Rated: Unrated   90 min
Between heaven & hell
Director(s): Fred Olen Ray  
Stars: Tim Abell  Teresa Politi  Tane McClure  

Sexual-Roulette      Sexual Roulette (1996)
Audience: 25%
Rated: R   81 min
When a young couple loses all of their money at a casino, the husband performs certain "favours" in order to work the debt off, while his wife is unaware of this kinky arrangement.
Director(s): Gary Graver  
Stars: Tane McClure  Tim Abell  Gabriella Hall  

Over-the-Wire      Over the Wire (1996)
Bruce is a telephone lineman who accidentally overhears a murder plot. When 911 informs him that there is nothing that they can do about it...
Director(s): Fred Olen Ray  
Stars: Landon Hall  David Christensen  Shauna O'Brien  

Midnight-Tease-II      Midnight Tease II (1995)
Audience: 50%
Rated: R   86 min
Jennifer Brennan gets a job at a strip club to try and find out who killed her sister. She works with...
Director(s): Richard Styles  
Stars: Kimberly Kelley  Jack Turturici  Julie K. Smith  

Hard-Bounty      Hard Bounty (1995)
Audience: 26%
Rated: R   90 min
Kanning makes a good living as a bounty hunter. He always brings the guilty to justice and never makes a mistake...
Director(s): Jim Wynorski  
Stars: Matt McCoy  Kelly LeBrock  John Terlesky  

Droid-Gunner      Droid Gunner (1995)

Rated: R   90 min
In the future, the threat of global takeover by cyborg units has forced Earth to outlaw their use. But when four female androids are smuggled to Earth...
Director(s): Fred Olen Ray  
Stars: Marc Singer  Matthias Hues  Rochelle Swanson  

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