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Critics: 64%   Audience: 86%
Rated: Unrated   134 min


Greenberg      Greenberg (2010)
Critics: 75%   Audience: 42%
Rated: R   100 min
A man from Los Angeles, who moved to New York years ago, returns to L.A. to figure out his life while he house-sits for his brother. He soon sparks with his brother's assistant.
Director(s): Noah Baumbach  
Stars: Greta Gerwig  Koby Rouviere  Sydney Rouviere  

Cloverfield      Cloverfield (2008)
Critics: 77%   Audience: 68%
Rated: PG-13   84 min
Revolves around a monster attack in New York as told from the point of view of a small group of people.
Director(s): Matt Reeves  
Stars: Lizzy Caplan  Jessica Lucas  T.J. Miller  

Moonstruck      Moonstruck (1987)
Critics: 93%   Audience: 76%
Rated: PG   103 min
Loretta Castorini, a book keeper from Brooklyn, New York, finds herself in a difficult situation when she falls for the brother of the man she agreed to marry (the best friend of her late husband who died seven years previously).
Director(s): Norman Jewison  
Stars: Cher  Nicolas Cage  Vincent Gardenia  

Crawlspace      Crawlspace (1986)
Audience: 30%
Rated: R   86 min
A man who runs an apartment house for women is the demented son of a Nazi surgeon who has the house equipped with secret passageways, hidden rooms and torture and murder devices.
Director(s): David Schmoeller  
Stars: Klaus Kinski  Talia Balsam  Barbara Whinnery  

Hoosiers      Hoosiers (1986)
Rated: PG   
A coach with a checkered past and a local drunk train a small town high school basketball team to become a top contender for the championship.
Director(s): David Anspaugh  
Stars: Gene Hackman  Barbara Hershey  Dennis Hopper  

Creator      Creator (1985)
Rated: R   
An eccentric scientist teaches a student in his own manner while he looks for a way to clone his deceased wife.
Director(s): Ivan Passer  
Stars: Peter O'Toole  Mariel Hemingway  Vincent Spano  

Poltergeist      Poltergeist (1982)
Critics: 87%   Audience: 75%
Rated: PG   114 min
A family's home is haunted by a host of ghosts.
Director(s): Tobe Hooper  
Stars: Craig T. Nelson  JoBeth Williams  Beatrice Straight  

Buckskin      Buckskin (1968)
Rated: G   
A marshal goes up against a crooked gambler and his henchmen who control a western town, but meets resistance from the local townspeople when he asks for their help.
Director(s): Michael D. Moore  
Stars: Barry Sullivan  Joan Caulfield  Wendell Corey  

Thunderball      Thunderball (1965)
Critics: 85%   Audience: 70%
Rated: PG   132 min
James Bond heads to The Bahamas to recover two nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE agent Emilio Largo in an international extortion scheme.
Director(s): Terence Young  
Stars: Sean Connery  Claudine Auger  Adolfo Celi  

20 movies found. (showing 1 to 10)        next »