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Love (2015)

Critics: 41% | Audience: 49%

In Theaters: Oct 30, 2015 |

Rated Unrated | 130 min

Love materializes in a handful of different guises in L-O-V-E, a Taiwanese omnibus drama with episodes directed by neophytes Vincent Fang, Mickey Huang, Giddens Ko and Jem Chen. The feature opens with Ko's segment, the P.S. I Love You-inspired tale of a young man (Fan Van) faced with his own premature death, who embarks on a quest to find another male with the same voice as himself who can comfort his girlfriend (Megan Lai) in his own absence. As helmed by Fang, the second segment stars Annie Liu as a tour guide who risks forgetting about her music video director boyfriend. The third segment, by Chen, dramatizes the emotional vicissitudes of a couple (Alice Tseng and Ethan Ruan) teetering on the verge of a significant break-up. And the fourth and final installment, a rollicking comedy by Huang, stars Tracy Chow as the consummate nerd who employs truly bizarre methods when looking for romance. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

Director(s): Gaspar Noe  

Stars: Aomi Muyock   Klara Kristin   Juan Saavedra  

Art House | International | Drama |







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